Telephone No. Offices Telephone No. Offices
045-970-1374 Office of the Mayor 045-970-0755


Rural Health Unit I
045-457-0023 Office of the Vice Mayor 045-970-1471 Municipal Agriculture Office
045-404-0359 Office of the Secretary of the Sangguniang Bayan 045-970-1325 Municipal Engineering Office
045-970-1721 Municipal Procurement Office 045-970-1544 Municipal Economic Enterprise Office
045-404-0284 Municipal Labor and Employment Office 045-404-0293 Municipal Disaster Risk Reduction Management Office
045-970-1182 Municipal Fire Station 045-402-2724 Municipal Assessor Office
045-970-1291 Municipal Police Station 045-402-2687 Municipal Planning & Development Office

and Budget Office

045-402-2803 Municipal Recycling Facility Office 045-402-2723 Municipal Social Welfare Development Office


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